Shree SiddhiVinayak Temple

The most prominent landmark at Prabhadevi attracts many devotees from all over the city. Tuesday is considered the most auspicious day and devotees stand for hours (even before the crack of dawn) in long winding queues to seek blessings of Lord Ganesha. On special days the line can be as long as 30,000 people or more.

The narrow lane outside the temple is the ‘Phool galli’ lined with innumerable stalls selling tulsi flower garlands, coconuts, an array of sweets including the pear shaped favourite yellow sweet of Lord Ganesha, the ‘modak’, and a range of religious paraphernalia.

Security guards are present at the gates and inside the temple as well. Of late the shrine has started resembling a fortress due to the heavy security arrangements.

There is a statue of a squatting nandi or the sacred cow, which is the mode of transport of Lord Shiva. Thousands throng the mandir everyday. Popular belief goes that Ganapati, as Lord Ganesha is called, does not disappoint his devotees.

The upper floors house the residential quarters of the priests. The Mandir even has its own exclusive website [img courtesy]