Mumbai Mart was launched in 1998!


It started as India’s first e-commerce (online shopping) site. First to offer COD, Free Delivery, Coupons and a whole lot more shopping related features and information. But we were too early to the game, the market was too nascent and even with great initial traction it was tough to generate enough revenues to justify operational costs and hence ended our experiment with e-commerce. We’ll probably bring shopping back someday, but only when we have a positive revenue model in place.

MumbaiMart is a favourite online destination for a wide viewership of people from around the world [250,000 to 500,000 hits each month from over 120 countries] we continue to provide news, information and our own particular slice of Mumbai life.

  • Feb 1998 Site Launch
  • Jan 1999 Proud to be Indian campaign
  • Aug 1999 Free Shipping & COD in Mumbai launched
  • May 2001 B2C Product Sourcing introduced
  • Feb 2003 B2B Sourcing introduced
  • May 2005 Becomes a Mumbai news & info site
  • Mar 2010 Adds Google Maps
  • Sep 2012 Tops 1 million pageviews a month
  • Jan 2014 Layout redesign and embedded locations
  • May 2016 Always being improved!
  • Jun 2019 Big changes coming soon, stay tuned!